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HSV Colorado SportsCat Suspension

HSV Colorado SportsCat Suspension

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Enhance the performance, handling, load carrying, and ride of your vehicle by upgrading your 4x4 suspension with a Supashock lift kit.

Upgrade Your 4x4 Suspension With a Lift Kit

The OEM suspension in most 4x4 vehicles is designed as a compromise between price, performance and longevity. As you begin to add cargo and accessories to your vehicle, the reliability and performance will suffer. Supashock 4x4 suspension lift kits are designed to handle the increase in your vehicle's load-carrying capacity while improving the comfort and handling of your 4x4 across a variety of terrains.

Suspension is an essential component of your vehicle. It controls how your vehicle contacts the road and its weight. It also helps improve how your 4X4 carries loads and tows something behind it. You want your 4x4 suspension kit to quickly respond when cornering, accelerating, and braking.

Benefits of a Supashock 4x4 Suspension Lift Kit Supashock 4x4 suspension kits will also increase your vehicle's ground clearance with a 2 inch lift for all models. There are a number of benefits associated with installing a lift kit:

Greater ground clearance: A lift kit provides greater clearance for the vehicle’s body, it becomes far easier to navigate obstacles, take on tough tracks or harsh terrain. Greater clearance also reduces the likelihood of damage to the vehicle’s body or undercarriage. Increased approach, ramp-over and departure angles: Oftentimes, standard height vehicles may struggle to approach an obstacle due to a bumper, bullbar or forward subsystem that might become damaged in the process. Half way over an obstacle, you might find yourself stuck on the vehicle sill or mid-underbody – this is your ramp-over angle. When exiting an obstacle, standard height vehicles may also drag their rear bumper, rear bar, exhaust tip or towing system. By raising the body height with a lift kit, the approach, ramp-over and departure angles are inherently increased.

Larger tyres: Raising the height of your vehicle with a lift kit can allow you to increase the size of tyres you run or reduce the scrub of larger tyres when articulating the suspension.

Greater suspension travel: Upgrading to a Supashock lift kit will provide your vehicle with more suspension travel. Greater travel will keep your tyres in contact with the track when articulating the suspension offering greater traction and grip when tackling off road terrain.

Aesthetics: Nothing screams road presence like a lifted 4x4 vehicle. Increased accessibility to underbody of vehicle. Increased visibility from the cabin. Considerations When Installing a 4x4 Suspension lift kit in Your 4WD

When installing an aftermarket suspension system, you are altering the vehicle dynamics a manufacturer spent years developing. It’s essential you understand and take into consideration the changes this alteration will make to the vehicle. It’s equally essential that you replace the standard suspension with a quality manufacturer’s product.

How high will my 4x4 vehicle be lifted with a Supashock lift kit? Supashock lift kits provide a 2” or approximately 50mm raised ride height.

Are there limitations to lifting my 4x4 vehicle?

Generally lifting a vehicle above 2 inches will result in noticeable changes to the steering geometry and driveshaft angles – this is applicable to both IFS and solid axle vehicles. Additionally, you will require supporting modifications which can add up to significant cost. Overly lifted IFS vehicle will suffer from lack of droop, without supporting modification. Lack of droop will result in less tyre contact patch in an articulating off road situation, therefore less traction. Issues that arise can include, but are not limited to: poor wheel alignment and unevenly worn tyres, poor on-road handling, greater chance of driveline damage, stretching of brake lines and electrical components during articulation.

Lifted vehicles can handle differently: By lifting the vehicle you are changing the centre of gravity, commonly resulting in more body roll and pitch on-road.

What Sets Supashock’s 4x4 Suspension Products Apart From the Competition? All of our 4x4 suspension products are designed, tested, manufactured, and assembled in Australia. The technology utilised is the same we use in mining, defence, and motorsport applications. Our products are manufactured with hand-selected, high-quality materials, specific to the application.

With superior strength and build quality, you won't have to worry about replacing your 4X4 shock absorbers anytime soon. The inverted-strut design provides you with high resistance and strength to bending during high impact scenarios. With an 80,000km or 3 year warranty (whichever comes first), we assure the additional peace of mind.

Our Commitment to Excellence Our team of highly-trained specialists understand the complexity of a suspension system and that every person has a unique application for their vehicle. We have built the ultimate suspension system that makes no compromise on safety, quality, comfort or performance. Paired with the expertise of our engineers and support staff, Supashock customers are assisted through every step.

At Supashock, we conduct a thorough development program for each component that's included in 4WD suspension systems, to ensure they are ready for the harsh environments and conditions Australia has to offer.

How Our Process Works

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Step 2: Order Your 4x4 Suspension Product

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Step 3: We Ship Your Product Feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions during the ordering or shipping process. If you have any issues once you receive your product, don't hesitate to contact us.

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