The following list contains questions customers frequently ask the Supashock team, which we have provided as a general guide to Supashock products.


What is the Supashock Legacy Excel Suspension Exchange Program?

The Supashock Legacy Excel Suspension Program aims to make the 2022 Hyundai Excel Control Package more accessible for existing Supashock customers. Customers will be able to upgrade their current package in order to meet the 2022 Control Suspension specification.

Please read and understand all information on the product page before purchasing.


Do I need adjustable shock absorbers?

The short answer is – no! However, if you’re looking to upgrade your shocks, it’s worthwhile getting a set that are adjustable. This will allow you or your technician to tune your suspension to suit your driving application. For example, if you want your street car to handle better, you may opt for a firmer setup, versus a softer setup for comfort.

There are several ways in which a shock absorber may be adjustable, depending on the product. The most common adjustments are:

Height adjustment

Controlled by the spring perch on the shock body. The perch is twisted down and towards the strut foot to increase ride height and twisted up towards the top mount to lower the ride height.

Damping force – compression

Compression damping helps the suspension absorb bumps and irregularities as the wheel moves upwards in the stroke. Increasing the compression damping force results in a firmer ride as the shock is not absorbing as much of the force from bumps and driving inputs. Decreasing the compression damping force results in a softer ride, as the expense of handling.

Damping force - rebound

Rebound damping helps the suspension return to the proper position after a force caused by a bump or from braking, accelerating or turning causes the spring and shock body to compress. Increasing the rebound damping force results in a firmer ride as the shock forces the wheel to return to it’s proper position more quicky. Reducing the rebound damping force results in a softer ride.


What warranty is available on Supashock products?

All Supashock products are backed by a warranty. The warranty terms are outlined in our warranty policy. If you would like to lodge a warranty claim, please read the information on our warranty policy page to ensure your claim is valid and you understand the process involved in managing your claim. Once read, please proceed to fill out a warranty form.


What is an inverted strut?

If your vehicle has a MacPherson strut set up, you may see the option to choose Supashock’s Inverted Monotube Coilover strut. Please note, some vehicles have MacPherson struts front and rear, some only at one end.

Supashock strongly recommends selecting the Inverted Monotube Coilover option for your vehicle where available, for several reasons:

The lateral force experienced by the damper is exerted on the outer cylinder, rather than the damper shaft, piston, and their seals. The result is greater overall rigidity, resistance to bending and less susceptibility to damage than standard design coilovers.

Monotube configuration of the inverted coilover offers greater piston area, oil capacity and separation of oil and gas. This configuration offers consistent and tuneable damping in comparison to a twin-tube damper design. Greater surface area and oil volume allows for better thermal dissipation (cooling).

All around, inverted strut technology is superior and will give you a better driving experience.


What is a coilover type shock absorber?

A coilover is a type of shock absorber and spring combination, where the damper (shock absorber) is mounted inside the spring. A coilover may be adjustable or non-adjustable, and there are various types of adjustable coilovers available (see “Do I need adjustable shock absorbers?).