Isuzu D-Max Lift Kit 2012-On Models

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Are you looking for a lift kit for your Isuzu D-Max? Supashock has a D-Max lift kit for models 2012 onwards, that’ll give you a comfortable ride as well as superior lift and ground clearance.

The Supashock 4x4 dampers that come with the lift kit for your D-Max operate unlike any other product on the market. They feature world leading lift technology that provides you with off-road capability for your Isuzu D-Max that is not available anywhere else.

The Supashock lift kit system is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in Australia, for Australian conditions, so you can drive your D-Max through the toughest terrain you can throw at it – thanks to Supashock lift.

The 4x4 dampers used in our D-Max Lift Kit are derived from the same technologies Supashock have developed for high-performance lift applications such as V8 Supercars, the factory fitted suspension of the legendary HSV GTS-R W1, the suspension upgrade on the HSV Colorado SportsCat and, and active and passive suspension systems for military vehicles.

The dampers in the Supashock lift kit for your D-Max are specifically tuned for individual vehicle models by experienced chassis tuning engineers to provide superior lift, comfort and performance in all driving conditions that your D-Max may face.

The proprietary piston and valve design inside the dampers in the Supashock lift kit has been developed to offer high force response and wheel control for maximum tyre grip in motorsport applications, so imagine the kind of traction your D-Max 4x4 will get with Supashock lift.

Applying this technology to the Supashock 4x4 range of lift kit provides Supashock equipped vehicles with unrivalled handling and braking performance, without compromise of ride quality. Your D-Max will be able to withstand anything with Supashock lift.




There are many reasons why a Supashock lift kit is perfect for your D-Max, including the big four below;

Australian Made -
Every lift kit is designed, tested, manufactured and assembled in Australia.
Technology -
The same technology used in every lift kit has also been used in Motorsport, Mining and Defence.
Materials -
Every lift kit is manufactured from aerospace alloys.
Durability -
Each lift kit has superior strength, maximising service life.

The 4x4 shock absorbers in a Supashock lift kit feature an inverted-strut design developed originally for motorsport and mining applications – and now used to reinforce the integrity of your D-Max with its brand new lift. The main shaft has a huge 64mm diameter which offers extremely high strength and resistance for your D-Max from bending during large impacts or rock strikes.

A key feature of each 4x4 damper in a D-Max Supashock lift kit is Supashock’s patented Shell Reservoir System, which consists of a floating piston that separates the pressurised gas and oil inside the shock absorber. The large-diameter main shaft of the lift kit allows a high oil volume without the need for an external reservoir, providing the performance of a monotube damper with the packaging benefits of a twin-tube design. This kind of technology will make your D-Max handle anything while giving it superior lift.

This large oil volume combined with a billet aluminium damper piston makes the Supashock 4x4 dampers in the lift kit extremely thermally efficient for your D-Max.

This results in consistent performance and superior lift for your D-Max during extended use on rough roads or when tackling those dreaded corrugations that would make any other lift kit buckle. This lowers the likelihood of shock fade meaning that you maintain handling response and therefore safety, no matter where you drive your D-Max – all thanks to your Supashock lift kit.


Why should I go for a Supashock suspension kit for my 4x4?

There are many good reasons to go for Supashock lift suspension on your D-Max, such as;

  • It will increase the ground clearance of your D-Max with a 2 inch lift
  • The added lift will provide your D-Max with greater land clearance, making it easier to navigate obstacles with a lower risk of damage
  • In addition to lift, it will give your D-Max increased approach, ramp-over and departure angles
  • Raising the lift of your D-Max will allow you to increase the size of your tires
  • Upgrading your lift will give your D-Max more suspension travel
  • Nothing screams road presence like a D-Max with lift
  • The lift allows you increased accessibility to the underbody of your D-Max
  • The lift also increases visibility from the cabin of your D-Max


How do I lift my Isuzu D-Max?

If you want to lift your D-Max, that’s where the lift gear comes in.

Your Isuzu D-Max lift gear will typically come with:

  • Raised leaf springs;
  • Raised coil springs;
  • Long travel shocks;
  • Bushes, shackles, and other fitting components.

Other lift options for your D-Max include extended rear shackles and front strut spacers.

Keep the following in mind as you lift your D-Max;

  • You can lift the front ride height of the vehicle by winding the spring perch up or down;
  • You can replace the standard leaf or coil springs with raised springs to further lift the ride height of your D-Max;
  • If you’re fitting raised springs to lift your vehicle, it’s recommended that you fit long travel shocks.


Tips for installing your Isuzu D-Max Lift Kit

We strongly recommend you consult a qualified professional to install your D-Max Lift Kit at a licensed workshop.

However, if you want to install the lift gear yourself, we strongly recommend you take your D-Max to a suspension workshop to get it checked over, for safety’s sake.

Remember the following:

  • It will lift your D-Max by 2” or approximately 50mm
  • There are limitations:
    • Raising your vehicle over 2” requires supporting modifications so that your vehicle doesn’t lose traction when offroad due to lack of droop
    • Additional problems that could occur if you lift your vehicle too high include;
      • Poor wheel alignment
      • Unevenly worn tyres
      • Poor on-road handling
      • Greater chance of driveline damage
      • Stretching of brake lines and electrical components
  • Once you lift your vehicle, there’s a significant chance it will handle differently

What goes into a Isuzu D-Max lift kit?

If you’re looking to raise the suspension of your D-Max, a Supashock lift kit will help by providing your D-Max with;

  • Shocks that’ll keep your D-Max relatively comfortable and smooth
  • Springs that absorb the energy that will affect your D-Max when it drives over uneven terrain
  • Bushes that stop the various moving parts of the D-Max from scraping together
  • Shackles and bolts that keep the lift kit together


Can I soften the suspension of my Isuzu D-Max?

Absolutely! Don’t put up with a rough ride in your D-Max just because you decided to lift it. You can improve your ride quality with the following:

  • Ensure you get regular maintenance for your D-Max to keep your lift parts in good condition (and replace your worn parts too)
  • Check the shock absorbers on your D-Max to make sure they haven’t worn and need to be replaced
  • Make sure you have the correct spring rate for your vehicle
    • Heavier spring rates are good for load carrying, however using a heavy constant load spring on your vehicle could be contributing to your rough ride quality as well
    • You have to make sure that the springs you use for your vehicle are suitable for its accessories and load carrying
  • If you have any questions about which spring rate will work best for your vehicle, contact us for assistance.