Ford Coilovers

Are you looking to upgrade your Ford’s performance and handling? Get the enhancements you’re looking for with Supashock. Supashock Street & Track Series coilovers are crafted with precision for each of the following individual Ford models, providing superior driving dynamics.

What Ford models do we supply coilovers for?

We are proud to supply a range of coilovers for various Ford models including the Falcon and Mustang:


The Australian Ford Falcon was a prominent line of full-size cars produced by Ford Australia from 1960 to 2016. It gained recognition for its spaciousness, performance, and various body styles. 

A notable presence in Australian motorsports, the Falcon underwent multiple generations and updates before production ceased due to changing market dynamics in 2016. It remains an emblem of Australian automotive heritage and is remembered for its significant impact on the country's automotive landscape.

Mustang S550 and S197

The Australian Ford Mustang S550 and S197 refer to different generations of the Ford Mustang that have been available in the Australian market.

The S197 generation of the Ford Mustang refers to the fifth generation, which was produced from 2005 to 2014. The S197 Mustang gained popularity for its nostalgic design elements, robust V8 engine options, and improved handling compared to its predecessors.

The S550 generation of the Ford Mustang refers to the sixth generation, which was introduced for the 2015 model year. This generation represented a significant departure from its predecessor in terms of design, performance, and technology. The S550 Mustang brought a more modern and sleek exterior design, improved handling dynamics, and a range of powerful engine options, including EcoBoost and V8 variants.

Note: We provide ford coilovers for the following models:

  • Mustang S197 - 05 to 14
  • Mustang S550 - 15 up

Whether you're looking to improve road performance or optimise your ride for track racing, our coilovers are the perfect solution. With a focus on performance and durability, our coilover kits provide superior handling characteristics, allowing you to tackle corners with confidence.

What are the features of Supashock’s Street & Track Series Coilovers?

Supashock coilovers provide a range of features that will significantly elevate your driving experience by providing heightened customisation and precision tuning. These features include:

  • Camber adjustment: Camber adjustment allows fine-tuning of wheel angles for optimal grip in corners.
  • Inverted strut design: The inverted strut design enhances rigidity and provides an increased piston area and is available on select models.
  • Tuned spring rates: Tuned spring rates ensure the right balance between comfort and performance.
  • Height adjustment: Height adjustment via spring perch lets you customise the ride height for your preference.
  • Monotube shock design that separates oil and gas: Monotube shock design separates oil and gas for improved heat dissipation and consistency.
  • 30 levels of damping force adjustment: With 30 levels of damping force adjustment, you can tailor the suspension's response to different road conditions and driving styles.

Features and specifications of Supashock Coilovers

  • High-performance engineering: Supashock Coilovers represent the pinnacle of high-performance suspension systems.
  • Unparalleled adjustability: Supashock coilovers offer unmatched adjustability with separate controls for front and rear damping rates, as well as ride height. This empowers you to fine-tune your vehicle's handling for various terrains and driving preferences.
  • Monotube construction: Crafted with monotube construction, Supashock Coilovers boast superior heat dissipation and durability. This construction ensures consistent and reliable performance, even under the most demanding race conditions.
  • Ease of installation: Installing Supashock Coilovers onto Ford Falcons is a straightforward process. Designed for easy fitment, these coilovers can be bolted onto existing suspension points using basic hand tools.
  • Customisable spring rates: To cater to various driving applications, Supashock offers a range of spring rates. Whether you're driving on the street or racing on the track, you can choose spring rates that align with your driving style and preferences.
  • Personalised setup: The combination of adjustability and customisable spring rates allows you to personalise your setup according to your unique driving needs, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.
  • Exceptional customer service: At Supashock, a commitment to exceptional customer service accompanies our top-tier products. This dedication ensures that your shopping experience is seamless, satisfying, and supported by knowledgeable experts.

Maintenance and care tips for Supashock Coilovers

  • Regular inspections are paramount; always be on the lookout for signs of wear, leaks, or corrosion.
  • Cleaning is equally vital; routinely remove dirt and debris to maintain their efficacy.
  • Depending on your driving conditions, occasional adjustments might be necessary.
  • Always consult a professional or the manufacturer's guidelines for any modifications.
  • Lubrication is crucial for the smooth operation of your coilovers, so apply the recommended lubricant periodically.
  • While these coilovers are robust, avoiding extreme conditions like saltwater exposure or intense temperatures is advisable.
  • Always opt for professional installation and adhere strictly to Supashock's maintenance guidelines.

By diligently following these care tips, you ensure that your Supashock coilovers remain in prime condition, offering unparalleled performance on every journey.

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