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What Type of Suspension do Mobil 1 Optus Racing Team Use?

What Type of Suspension do Mobil 1 Optus Racing Team Use?

The Mobil 1 Optus Racing Team is part of Walkinshaw Andretti United, who announced in May 2022 that they would be switching to the Ford Mustang platform for the 2023 Supercars Championship.

The suspension configuration for the Mustang GT includes:

  • Front - Double-ball-joint independent MacPherson strut and tubular stabiliser bar (optional MagneRide damping system)
  • Rear - Integral-link independent with coil springs, solid stabiliser bar and mono-tube dampers, optional MagneRide damping system

Glossary of terms

Double Wishbone Suspension

A type of independent suspension system that utilises two wishbone-shaped control arms per wheel, providing precise control over wheel movement. The double wishbone design allows for independent control of suspension parameters and is known for its ability to maintain consistent tire contact with the road, improve handling, and enhance stability.

Control Arms

Also known as wishbones, these components connect the wheel assembly to the vehicle's chassis and control the wheel's motion. The upper control arm connects the top of the wheel assembly to the vehicle's chassis, while the lower control arm connects the bottom. Together, they provide support, stability, and allow for controlled vertical and lateral movement of the wheel.

Roll Center

The point around which a vehicle's body tends to roll during cornering. Roll centre height affects body roll and stability. A lower roll centre improves cornering grip and reduces body roll, enhancing the vehicle's overall stability and handling characteristics.

Anti-Roll Bar

Also known as a sway bar or stabiliser bar, it is a tubular component that connects the suspension on both sides of the vehicle to reduce body roll during cornering. The anti-roll bar transfers force between the wheels, minimising the difference in suspension movement and improving overall stability and handling by resisting body roll.


The control of the suspension's oscillations and vibrations using shock absorbers or dampers. Damping helps to regulate the speed and energy of suspension movement, ensuring optimal tire contact with the road, enhancing ride comfort, and improving handling by minimising excessive bouncing, body movements, and vibrations.

Spring Rate

The stiffness of the suspension spring, influencing the vehicle's ride comfort and handling characteristics. The spring rate determines the amount of force required to compress or extend the suspension spring, affecting the vehicle's responsiveness, body control, and the balance between ride comfort and handling performance.

Ride Height

The distance between the ground and the vehicle's chassis, adjustable to affect suspension behaviour and ground clearance. Ride height adjustments can impact the vehicle's centre of gravity, handling characteristics, aerodynamics, and overall stance. Lowering the ride height can enhance stability and reduce body roll, improving high-speed handling and aerodynamic efficiency. Conversely, raising the ride height increases ground clearance, allowing for better off-road capability and accommodating rough or uneven terrain.

Suspension Geometry

The arrangement and alignment of suspension components, including control arms and their pivot points, to optimise handling and stability. Suspension geometry directly affects camber, caster, and toe angles, which in turn influence tire contact, steering response, and overall vehicle dynamics. Proper suspension geometry is crucial for achieving balanced and predictable handling characteristics, maximising grip, and minimising tire wear.

Trailing Arm

A rear suspension component that controls the fore-aft movement of the wheel in double wishbone suspension systems. The trailing arm works in conjunction with the other suspension components to ensure proper wheel control and maintain stability during acceleration, braking, and cornering. It helps to resist suspension squat and dive, contributing to improved traction, stability, and overall handling performance.

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