Tesla Model 3 Coilovers

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Please note: Street and Track Series Coilovers are currently subject to an approximate 3-week delivery period from time of purchase.


Supashock Street & Track Series Coilovers for Tesla Model 3 vehicles offer performance unlike any other coilovers on the market. Featuring world-leading technology, Supashock coilovers give you the winning edge on the road and the track.

As with all Supashock products, our Tesla Model 3 coilovers are individually tested, tuned and setup by our experienced race engineers.

Straight out the box, Supashock Tesla Model 3 coilovers are set at our recommended settings. The damper lengths and spring perches are set to our baseline, requiring only fine adjustments to suit your individual vehicle setup.

Every one of Supashock’s Tesla Model 3 coilovers;

  • Contains the same kinds of innovative and advanced suspension technology used to enhance vehicles in important industries such as defence, mining and motorsports
  • Is manufactured from durable and high quality materials including aerospace alloys
  • Has a far superior strength compared to any competitor or OEM products


Supashock Street & Track Series Coilovers offer the perfect combination of track orientation and street-friendly ride quality, the benchmark for performance drivers. Supashock engineers balance the optimal spring rate with damping force to give you the most responsive and accurate handling coilovers for your vehicle.

The Tesla Model 3 is a battery-powered four-door electric compact executive car. It is available with either a standard or long-range battery, with an estimated range of up to 423 or 568 kilometres, respectively, on a single charge. 

The Model 3 is powered by one or two electric motors, depending on the variant, which provide quick acceleration and a smooth, quiet ride. It has a minimalist interior design, featuring a large touch screen display that controls most of the car's functions, including climate control and entertainment.

The Model 3 has received widespread acclaim for its performance, handling, and efficiency, as well as its advanced technology features, as well as its sleek and modern design.

Supashock’s Tesla Model 3 coilovers are designed to enhance the performance and ride quality of the vehicle without affecting any of the features that have given it such widespread acclaim amongst car enthusiasts.

What stock suspension does the Tesla Model 3 come with (and why is it worth switching out)?

The Tesla Model 3 comes with a coilover suspension system as standard equipment. The suspension system is designed to provide a comfortable ride for daily driving and a balance between handling and ride comfort.

While the stock suspension of the Tesla Model 3 is adequate for most drivers, some enthusiasts may find it lacking in terms of handling and adjustability. Swapping out the stock suspension for aftermarket coilovers can provide several benefits, including improved handling, adjustability, and customization options.

Aftermarket coilovers for the Tesla Model 3 can provide a more aggressive stance, adjustability for different driving conditions, and improved handling characteristics for track use. By upgrading to aftermarket coilovers, you can fine-tune your suspension settings for optimal performance and a more personalised driving experience.

Additionally, coilovers can improve the overall look and aesthetics of your Model 3 by lowering the ride height and improving the stance.


Supashock’s Standard Monotube Coilover design is far superior to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designs. The monotube configuration offers greater piston area, oil capacity and separation of oil and gas, giving you greater performance, strength, cooling and adjustability. Supashock coilovers offer consistent and tunable damping compared to a twin-tube damper commonly found in OEM designs. 


  • Monotube Inverted Coilover Design.
  • 30 clicks of adjustable damping (1-way), adjusts compression and rebound simultaneously.
  • Camber adjustable (where applicable) via camber plate or slotted strut foot.
  • Full-length height adjustable.
  • Upper mounts are pillow ball or OEM configuration, dependent on vehicle model.
  • Forged aluminium, adjustable spring seat and locking collar.
  • Fully serviceable/rebuildable.
  • 55mm steel shock body on inverted coilover designs.
  • 'Wave' alloy steel thrust washer on inverted coilover designs.
  • Ready to install.


Please note:

  • Pillow ball upper mounts do add greater road feel for increased handling and accuracy but can result in torsional spring noise occasionally. There is no detriment to the function or safety of coilovers. Returns under warranty for noises associated with the pillow ball upper mounts will not be considered. For investigative work related to coilover noise, workshop rates will apply if products are found to have no issues.
  • In some vehicle set-ups, the spring will be separate from the damper. This design will sometimes be respected, and then you will receive a damper and spring separately. Height will generally be changed via a supplied adjustable spring seat.
  • Photos shown are inverted monotube design front and rear coilovers. Actual product will vary depending on vehicle model and coilover configuration chosen.


FAQs About Tesla Model 3 Coilovers

What are Tesla model 3 coilovers, and how are they different from traditional suspension systems?

Tesla Model 3 coilovers are aftermarket suspension components designed to replace the stock suspension system on the vehicle. They are different from traditional suspension systems in that they use a coil spring and shock absorber in one unit, which allows for better adjustability and customization of the ride height, damping, and stiffness.

What benefits can I expect from installing Tesla model 3 coilovers on my car?

The benefits of installing Tesla Model 3 coilovers include improved handling, better ride quality, and enhanced adjustability for different driving conditions and styles. Coilovers can also provide more precise control and feedback to the driver, which can improve overall driving experience and confidence.

Can tesla model 3 coilovers be adjusted to suit different driving conditions or styles?

Tesla Model 3 coilovers can be adjusted to suit different driving conditions and styles by adjusting the ride height, damping, and stiffness. This allows for customization to suit individual preferences and driving situations, such as daily driving, racing, or track use.

How long does it take to install tesla model 3 coilovers, and can I do it myself?

Installation time and the ability to install Tesla Model 3 coilovers oneself can vary depending on one's level of experience and skill with car modifications. It is recommended to have a professional install the coilovers to ensure proper installation and avoid any potential safety issues.

What factors should I consider when choosing tesla model 3 coilovers for my car?

Factors to consider when choosing Tesla Model 3 coilovers include quality, adjustability, durability, and compatibility with other aftermarket components. It is also important to consider one's budget and intended use for the vehicle.

Are tesla model 3 coilovers suitable for daily driving, or are they primarily designed for racing and track use?

Tesla Model 3 coilovers are suitable for both daily driving and track use, depending on the specific setup and adjustments made. However, it is important to note that coilovers designed for track use may sacrifice some comfort and ride quality for better performance.

Will installing tesla model 3 coilovers void my car's warranty?

Installing Tesla Model 3 coilovers may potentially void the car's warranty, so it is important to check with the manufacturer or dealership before making any modifications.

What kind of maintenance is required for tesla model 3 coilovers, and how often should I have them inspected?

Regular maintenance and inspection of Tesla Model 3 coilovers are recommended to ensure they are functioning properly and safely. The frequency of maintenance and inspection can vary depending on driving conditions and use.

Can I reuse the stock suspension components when installing tesla model 3 coilovers, or do I need to replace everything?

When installing Tesla Model 3 coilovers, it is generally recommended to replace all stock suspension components with aftermarket components to ensure proper compatibility and performance.

How much should I expect to spend on tesla model 3 coilovers, and are they worth the investment?

The cost of Tesla Model 3 coilovers can vary depending on the brand, quality, and adjustability. Generally, one can expect to spend several thousand dollars on a quality set of coilovers. Whether or not they are worth the investment depends on individual preferences and intended use for the vehicle.