Supashock Bespoke Suspension

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Supashock Bespoke Suspension

Supashock Bespoke Suspension

Regular price $6,545.00
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Nissan Skyline

Supashock dampers are a high-end suspension product suitable for racing cars, modified vehicles, standard vehicles, and historic cars. The success of the Supashock system has echoed through the halls of motorsport, with teams reaching new heights on our system.

The award winning Supashock system is a proven formula in many forms of motorsport. If you are looking for a bespoke suspension system for your vehicle, look no further. Our team of experienced vehicle dynamics engineers structure the suspension characteristics to individual cars and driving style.

Each vehicle is measured and 3D scanned to construct a digital model of the suspension kinematics. Our engineers analyse this model and test it using advanced simulation software. Using this data we design the ideal system for your vehicle, incorporating Supashock engineered spring rates and damping characteristics.

The Supashock is also established as a controlled damper supplier for Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand, the Australian V8 Ute Championship and was homologated into the FIA European GT3 Championship in 2013.

When you invest in the Supashock system, you know you are receiving years of development, engineering value and proven testing on, and off track.


Bespoke Commodore

Damping Options

  • Non adjustable – tuned dampers
  • 2 way adjustable – tuned dampers
  • 2 way adjustable – through shaft dampers

Oil / pneumatic seals

All static seals within our dampers are manufactured using high resistance polymers. These seals have high operational temperatures, providing excellent resistance to thermal degradation. This increases the life span of the seal. All dynamic seals are manufactured from a proprietary material, specifically designed to increase service life and reduce seal drag.

Supashock seals have been proven both on, and off the track. Our dampers are subjected to rigorous in-house testing, including accelerated lifecycle and degradation testing. On track, our dampers have won V8 Supercar championships and established a name for themselves in GT3 and Formula E.

Main piston

  • Uses Supashock’s proprietary billet aluminium damper pistons
  • Linear and Digressive piston options available
  • Proprietary piston seals are designed to minimise seal drag while maintaining a reliable seal

Serviceable design

The damper is designed for complete disassembly. Each damper can be;

  • Serviced (oil and seal replacement)
  • Re-valved (change damping co-efficient)
  • Repaired (replacement of damaged components)

The dampers have excellent consistency between sets and are all built to a +/- 2% tolerance between units, maintaining this consistency between each service.

Using our engineering experience and case study of European GT3 Championships, it has been determined that service intervals for our dampers should be conducted at 5000km for oil and shaft seal change, and 10,000 for a full service.


Bespoke Volkswagon, Supra, Honda, RX7, Audi, BMW, Focus,  Chevrolet, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari

Design processes

  • CAE, FEA and CFD
  • 3D Rapid Prototyping
  • Kinematic and dynamic vehicle simulation software

Lifecycle service and support

  • Comprehensive Damper Dyno Testing
  • Complete Damper service / maintenance
  • Testing support and data analysis
  • Product service training

Design and manufacture

Supashock can design and manufacture the following in-house:

  • Dampers
  • Suspension arms
  • Anti-roll bars
  • Steering Components
  • Uprights
  • Full vehicle suspension systems

Other services

We have the experience to oversee entire vehicle builds, offering support in all stages of development.

  • Complete bespoke vehicle builds
  • Motorsport category technical development
  • Chassis tuning
  • Driver coaching
  • Data analysis
  • Engine tuning
  • Trackside support

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