Supashock Excel Control Suspension Camber Spacers

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The Supashock Excel Suspension has been developed to maximise the performance of the Hyundai Excel for racing circuits worldwide. To get the most out of your Supashock Excel Suspension, you can use the Supashock Camber Spacers to dial in your camber depending on the track, conditions, and your driving style.


Camber Spacers can be used to adjust the degrees of camber per wheel on your Hyundai Excel. Each Camber Spacer is labelled 1-6, and there are 4x of each type included in the kit. Each type of spacer offers a different degree of camber adjustment, measured at each wheel. Each Camber Spacer is machined from steel and is zinc plated.


  • 24 x Camber Spacers - compatible with the Supashock Excel Control Suspension package. 4 x of each spacer is labelled 1-6.
  • Cardboard box with compartments to organise and store your Camber Spacers.

Purchasing/Ordering Procedure:

As per direction of Circuit Excel Racing Association, purchase of the Supashock Controlled Suspension and related products must be made in full via this website. Purchase via any other website or distributor may not be legitimate – we encourage reporting of false advertising or re-sellers.




The Supashock Controlled Suspension Package will be mandatory until the end of the 2024 season.