Honda Coilovers

Looking to elevate your Honda's performance and take its handling to new heights? Look no further than Supashock. Supashock coilovers are tailored to meet the specifications of your Hyundai, creating a personalised and fine-tuned driving experience.

What Honda models do we supply coilovers for?

Prelude BB1-BB9

The Honda Prelude BB1 to BB9 refers to a range of generations and models of the Honda Prelude, a sports coupe produced by Honda from 1992 to 2001. The Prelude was well-regarded for its handling capabilities, often praised for its responsive suspension and balanced chassis.

S2000 AP1/AP2

The AP1 and AP2 are two generations of the popular sports car, the Honda S2000. They represent different iterations of the same model, each with its own set of characteristics and improvements. Both the AP1 and AP2 Honda S2000s are highly regarded for their engaging driving dynamics and powerful engines.

What are the features of Supashock’s Street & Track Series Coilovers?

  • Camber adjustment: Camber adjustment allows fine-tuning of wheel angles for optimal grip in corners.
  • Inverted strut design: The inverted strut design enhances rigidity and offers increased heat dissipation.
  • Tuned spring rates: Tuned spring rates ensure the right balance between comfort and performance.
  • Height adjustment: Height adjustment via spring perch lets you customise the ride height for your preference.
  • Monotube shock design that separates oil and gas: Monotube shock design separates oil and gas for improved heat dissipation and consistency.
  • 30 levels of damping force adjustment: With 30 levels of damping force adjustment, you can tailor the suspension's response to different road conditions and driving styles.

Benefits of upgrading to Supashock coilovers for Honda

Impeccable build quality

The standout feature of Supashock coilovers lies in their unmatched build quality, meticulously engineered to ensure optimal performance on diverse terrains, instilling confidence in every turn you take.

Tailored suspension settings

Adapt your vehicle's suspension settings to a multitude of driving conditions, guaranteeing personalised and responsive performance that complements the uniqueness of each situation.

Durability and corrosion resistance

Supashock coilovers not only enhance your vehicle's performance but also offer a robust corrosion-resistant finish, ensuring enduring longevity while preserving their sleek appearance even when faced with the harshest environmental challenges.

Exceptional stability and control

Whether you're navigating tight corners or tackling challenging terrain, Supashock coilovers provide outstanding handling performance.

Ease of installation

Setting up Supashock coilovers is a user-friendly process. These kits arrive as comprehensive packages, containing all essential elements, and seamlessly work with original factory components, eliminating the necessity for extra alterations.

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