Supashock Mitsubishi EVO Suspension

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The Supashock Mitsubishi Evolution suspension kits operate unlike any other product on the market, and feature world leading technology that provides the owner with racing and on-road capability not available anywhere else.



As with All Supashock suspension systems, our Mitsubishi Evolution dampers are individually tested tuned and setup by our experienced race engineers before being dispatched.

Straight out the box the Supashock Mitsubishi Evolution dampers are setup per our recommended settings. The damper lengths and spring perches are set to our baseline, requiring only fine adjustments to suit your vehicle setup / track.

  • Inverted Strut technology
  • Adjustable for any condition
  • Tuned Dampers
  • Race Engineering and setup advice
  • Factory setup out the box
  • Built in camber adjustment (Front – Camber plates (top mount) / Rear – Slotted strut foot)