Supashock Hyundai Excel Suspension

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Our Supashock Excel Pack suspension has been developed to maximize the performance of the Hyundai Excel for racing circuits worldwide. We use an inverted strut design resulting in a much stronger strut than the conventional design with proven reliability in the category.

The dampers were tuned over a long testing regime, with 30 ‘Clicks’ of adjustment for fine tuning. The dampers are married to springs, proven to get the most out of the Excel chassis on tracks all around Australia.


As with All Supashock suspension systems, our dampers are individually tested tuned and setup by our experienced race engineers before being dispatched.

Straight out the box the Supashock dampers are setup per our recommended settings. The damper lengths and spring perches are set to our baseline, requiring only fine adjustments to suit your vehicle setup / track.

  • Inverted Strut technology
  • Adjustable for any condition
  • Tuned Dampers
  • Race Engineering and setup advice
  • Factory setup out the box
  • Built in camber adjustment (Front – Camber plates (top mount) / Rear – Slotted strut foot)




We have two Hyundi Excel Packs available for your racing needs. This pack includes 4x Dampers & Springs. Easy to setup, Supashock customer service along with fitment guarantee.


Along with the 4x Dampers and Springs, this pack takes it to the next level with added Tops and Setup Data. Along with the setup data from our engineers, we offer further advice as a service to maximise your results.

Our packages are compatible with 1994-2000 Hyundai X3 Excel and come with a 2 Year Road and Track warranty that covers bearings, bushes, rubbers and seals. Designed and assembled in Australia.